5 Year Foundation Members

After going into recess in the early 1970’s, the University of Tasmania Athletics Club was reestablished in 2015. With the support of the Tasmanian University Union, the UTAS Athletics Club was affiliated with Athletics Tasmania on the 23rd April 2015.

The UTAS Athletics Club would like to acknowledge the following members who supported us in establishing the club and have remained a member through our first five years.

Isaac BonseyJosh Harris
Craig CanhamAaron Harvey
Emily CanhamCathy McKeown
Tracy CanhamStewart McSweyn
Inessa CorneyKevin Morse
Raph CorneyStuart Morse
Stuart CorneyMichael Mullarvey
Mikayla GengeThomas Murton
Geoff GibbonsEvan Peacock
Douglas HamerlokHamish Peacock
Huw Peacock
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