John Peacock Memorial Award

The John Peacock Memorial Award aims to commemorate the contribution John Peacock made to athlete development.

John was first and foremost a teacher, who combined his love of sport with his passion for teaching to introduce Sport Science as a subject at Elizabeth College where he taught throughout his career. 

For more than a decade, John joined son Evan in developing athletes, largely focussing on sport psychology and agility.  John focused on measuring athlete’s improvement in areas outside of the field of play, which was often reflected improved results in competition.

Always the teacher, John showed an interest in all study undertaken by athletes he coached.  Though long retired, his desire to see those around him improve themselves through education was evident. 

John’s positive impact on Athletics will be felt for many years to come. John’s training methods have formed part of the programs our next generation of coaches are implementing with their athletes today.

John Peacock Memorial Award Recipients

Liam Shelton2021
Caleb Kirkpatrick2022

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