John Peacock Memorial Award Criteria


Open to athletes of all ages who are registered members of the University of Tasmania (UTAS) Athletics Club.


Athletes should demonstrate the following:

  • A high level of sportsmanship, showing respect to fellow athletes, coaches and officials.
  • Acceptance of victory or defeat graciously, striving to be a good role model for their peers.
  • Strong work ethic and a commitment to training and continued improvement.
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm for their event.
  • Perseverance in overcoming challenges.


The John Peacock Memorial Award recognises athletes for their persistence and dedication in the development of skills required to participate in their chosen sport.

The recipient will receive a trophy and have their name included on the Club’s Honour Roll as a recipient of the award.

Recipients can self-nominate or be nominated by any member of the University of Tasmania Athletics Club.  Presentation of the award will take place at the Clubs Annual Awards presentation.

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